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An ancient building in the center of Serralunga d'Alba, where the vocation for wine-making is rooted in the past that our winery still preserves tones of today.

The tradition lives on in a working method that respects the time of the wine, in the long process of fermentation, and in the choice of materials capable of enhancing the characteristics of the grapes, without ever altering their nature.

Fermentation e

From the vineyard to the cellar: after soft pressing, the must is transferred to steel tanks, where the long fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature.

We prefer to use cement for malolactic fermentation, which we also use for storing the Barolo before it goes into wood. Another method inherited from the past, and one whose micro-oxygenation and thermal constancy we appreciate.


Large French and Slavonian oak barrels store the wine during the aging process.


The period spent in wood is fundamental to the success of our red wines for aging, so we devote care and attention to this step, with continuous checks to monitor the evolution and cleanliness of the wines.


In the bottling area, modern machinery allows us to guarantee the best performance in terms of time and quality.


Here the most important red wines enjoy a final resting period in the bottle before being labelled and put on the market.

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